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Tina Trudel, PhD: More Research and Attention Needed on Issues of Intimacy and Parenting Post-TBI

More Research and Attention Needed on Issues of Intimacy and Parenting Post-TBI

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The divorce rates after TBI are tragically high, [Tina Trudel, Ph.D., President, Chief Operating Officer, Lakeview Companies] and I don't think we help anything in the professional community by how little attention gets paid to intimacy, sexuality, and also parenting. Often those things go together, sometimes they don't, but the common factor that they have is that they don't get so much attention, and they're often hard to fund because the funding focusing on how far can you walk, can you return to work, can you drive your car, can you feed yourself, and not what's you capacity for intimate exchange with somebody else. And yet when any of us look back on our own lives and we think about what are some the beautiful moments, the things that we probably reflect on are those intimate moments with our lovers, with our families, and that deserves as much attention and rehab as all the rest.

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Althought incredibly important, issues of intimacy, sexuality, and even parenting after a brain injury are often overlooked in both research and practice.


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Tina Trudel, PhDTina Trudel, PhD, Tina M. Trudel, PhD is president/COO of the Lakeview Companies, a leader in brain injury rehab, medically complex care and neurobehavioral treatment, overseeing a national care continuum. She is researcher/former site director of the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center-Charlottesville.

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