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Making Military Programs for TBI and Psych Health More Effective

Making Military Programs for TBI and Psych Health More Effective

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We have funding to go and take a much closer look at 20 programs, and really try to understand what's working well and what's important. And what are the key lessons learned that can be applied to other programs? So we've been working very closely with the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury, to choose a range of programs for evaluation, to make sure that we're getting some from each branch of service, some for each population of interest. A variety of programs that use very different approaches, one to another. So that we're not looking at only programs that try to accomplish a single thing. Really just to get a sense, overall, and start to see even there, what do we learn that might be common even to those programs?

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The RAND Corporation is continuing its research, looking at what programs for TBI and psychological health in soldiers and veterans are working best and how to share that knowledge.


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Robin Weinick, PhDRobin Weinick, PhD, Robin M. Weinick, PhD is an associate director of RAND Health, one of the largest private health research groups in the world and RAND’s largest operating division.

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