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How to Transfer Job Skills and Specializations from the Military to the Civilian World

How to Transfer Job Skills and Specializations from the Military to the Civilian World

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Hey, guys, it's Adam, and we're back today with William Marquez with the Virginia Employment Commission. William, one of the things that we hear all the time when I'm talking to veterans, family members, spouses, even active duty service members who are getting ready to separate is they have a certain skill, certification, or license. Maybe they're a nurse. Maybe they're an auto mechanic. Maybe they have an IT or computer specialization that they want to transfer to the outside world, but they aren't able to. Could you share a little bit about that?>>Sure, Adam. One of the things to talk about is trying to get certifications before one gets out of the service. You've been doing your whole career doing something as far as nursing, IT or trucking or mechanics. You've been doing your whole career doing this, and once you get out, you're not able to do it because you don't have the proper license or certification. We try to encourage them to do that before they exit the service, but if they haven't and they get out and they're having trouble, we try to steer them towards programs that will assist them in that. I can give an example of the mechanic. He's been doing it his entire career, and he comes out and he finds that he can't do it because he doesn't have the certifications required to perform the job here in the civilian world. Through the process of interviewing, I will make a referral and find out what programs are available for that veteran specifically to acquire that certification.

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Adam talks with Army veteran William Marquez, Viriginia Employment Commission, about how to get the job qualifications needed to transfer from a military to a civilian career.

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