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The Many Ways Veterans Make Great Employees

The Many Ways Veterans Make Great Employees

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Hey, guys, it's Adam, and we're back with William Marquez from the Virginia Employment Commission. William, I understand you work a lot with employers, not only veterans. Tell me a little bit about your experiences working with employers and hiring individuals with traumatic brain injury. Right, Adam, I do a lot of outreach with employers for the benefits of hiring veterans. Veterans make great employees. They're dedicated. They're hardworking. They show up on time, and they have the skills, so it's a matter of translating what they do to the employers. I do a lot of speaking with HR departments and hiring events and just letting the employer be aware of the reason they should hire a veteran. There's a lot of good benefits, and like I said, veterans make great employees. William, one of the things I get time after time from veterans with traumatic brain injury is a sense of apprehension or resistance that they feel from employers when applying for jobs. What advice do you give to employers who are thinking about hiring somebody with a brain injury? It's a matter of educating the employers that veterans as a whole are going to make great employees. If there is a disability associated with that veteran, it's not going to stop them from doing the job, and if there are special accommodations that the veteran will need in the workplace I like to refer them to the VA to assist them with that. They bring a lot of good skills, their education, and they have a great work ethic. I think those are the things we need to focus on more than the disabilities.

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"Veterans make great employees," Army veteran William Marquez, Virginia Employment Commission, explains to Adam. Prospective employers should focus more on the veterans' hard work, discipline, and skill level and less on any disability they may have.

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