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At College, Move Beyond the Stigma of Asking for Help After a Brain Injury

At College, Move Beyond the Stigma of Asking for Help After a Brain Injury

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[Adam Anicich] Hey everybody it's Adam. So today I want to talk to you about the stigma associated with the "disability office." And really it's—it's not even a stigma anymore. There are so many people who use this for such a wide variety of reasons. And some people—for example—may break their leg and they may not be able to make it up the stairway to class and so they want to seek an accommodation to come a little bit late to class because they have to take an elevator that's further away or—you know—something like that. For us who have survived a traumatic brain injury— mild, moderate, anything like that— and you are looking to go back to school, it's definitely not a negative stigma to refer yourself to the disability office. Sometimes they might call it the Special Accommodations Office or the Student Inclusion Office—something like that. So I encourage you to take a look and just go through that doorway— just at least have a discussion with some people over there because for me—I found that my life improved dramatically once I went in there, but also the stigma and any kind of misperceptions that you may have were completely eliminated at that point. So go in there, take a look around, see if it's something that can help you, and use it if it is. Thanks.

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If extra time on a test or memory aids can make life easier during college, why not use them? Adam talks about moving past the "stigma" of using disability services and getting the help you need to succeed in college.

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Hi, I’m Adam Anicich

I’m a former Army Sergeant, a Department of Veterans Affairs employee, a service-disabled vet, and someone with a brain injury. I’m here to share my story with you — along with some practical tips — and I hope that I can help you in your own journey of recovery.

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Comments [2]

What I have found with some professors, is that they do not honor the ADA adjustments that I am allowed, they "look at me and see no visible disability" so therefore assume I am fine. This issue has led to lower grades because of that fact. When I do bring it up to the attention of the administration, it is ignored. I'm so tired of fighting. I acquiried a brain injury at the age of 42. Frustrating.

Oct 8th, 2014 11:48am

Thank you for the valuable info that you provide here, Adam.  I am a veteran at East Carolina University, and I think a lot of vets here could benefit from your wisdom.  There aren't a lot of comments on your video blogs on the Brainline you find that you are reaching more people, and getting more feedback via the site's Facebook page?  

Mar 13th, 2014 12:10am


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