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For Veterans with TBI Returning to College, Technology Can Be Your Friend

For Veterans with TBI Returning to College, Technology Can Be Your Friend

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[Adam Anicich] Hey guys, it's Adam, and I'm here to tell you today that technology is your friend. So when you're going back to school after traumatic brain injury or just kind of the culmination that is military service— when you're going back to school technology is really your friend. It may be a laptop computer, it may be an electronic tablet, it may be a smartphone, it may be a voice recorder, it may be any number of things, but the point is that you can use and integrate this technology into your life. Maybe it's your taking notes on your laptop computer, maybe you're writing down different subjects or bookmarking Google searches after your professor says a certain topic, subject, name, place, date, something like that, maybe it's a voice recorder that you're using to record the class and get the lecture after hours so you can go back and remember it, relearn it, or just relisten to it. Whatever it is, find the technology that works for you and try different things. See if maybe bringing your laptop does work. You may find something like a logistical problem that you run out of batteries halfway through, but maybe it's something with an electronic tablet where you're like, "Wow, bookmarking this Google search is a really good idea," and you'll find something that really helps. Take a look at different options, try different things, and let us know what works. Thanks.

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From taking notes on a laptop during class to using a voice recorder to tape a lecture to review later, technology can help veterans with brain injury succeed in college. Adam shares his first-hand knowledge.



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