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Newsletter - April 2014

Caring for Military Caregivers

"Don't look at us as martyrs or victims to the hand we were dealt," says Kelli Landis. "The veterans we care for are our spouses, our children, and our family members. The simple fact is that we love them, which is why we keep moving forward every day." Kelli's husband, Chris, is an Army veteran who is living with both TBI and PTSD. Read more about Kelli and others selected by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation as 2014 Caregiver Fellows.

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Shining the Spotlight on Kids Who Care

Josh's father has many battle wounds from his 17-year military career including TBI and PTSD. Josh is one of the 1.4 million "invisible caregivers" — children who help provide substantial care to a family member. The 12-year-old boy manages to fit in his school work but is sometimes too tired to study the way he should, or could, after his caregiving responsibilities. Read about Josh and the work being done to help young caregivers in this article from Brain Injury Journey magazine.

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VIDEO: Common Symptoms of Service Members with TBI and PTSD

"I'm crying at Hallmark commercials, and I've never done that before." "I'm yelling at my co-workers, and that's just not me." These are just a couple of the common complaints that occupational therapist Dr. Kristen Maisano hears from service members and veterans living with traumatic brain injury and PTSD. Dr. Maisano tells BrainLine Military that emotional regulation and sleep problems are the most common symptoms she identifies in the patients she sees.

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