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Newsletter - September 2014

Joining Forces with the Bob Woodruff Foundation

announcing exciting partnership news

BrainLine Military is thrilled to join with the Bob Woodruff Foundation to help ensure our heroes and their families thrive long after they return to the homefront.

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The Social and Emotional Stuff

an original BrainLine Military story about a family dealing with TBI and PTSD

“It was as if a flip had been switched off — or on. He went from calm, quiet, sweet Bryan to angry, impatient, high-adrenaline Bryan.”

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When War Comes Home Don't Retreat

an article from Brain Injury Journey magazine

" have made up my mind not to let combat trauma define my family or my nation. I will not let this journey be the end of my joy."

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TBI & PTSD Information & Resources

For more information about TBI, please come visit us at

All the best from BrainLine Military.

Noel Gunther, Executive Director
Tina Chovanec, Project Director
Kelly Deckert, Associate Manager of Online Media
Ashley Gilleland, Producer
Christian Lindstrom, Director, Learning Media
Victoria Tilney McDonough, Editor
Elaine Phillips, MSP, CCC/SLP, Research Consultant

Newsletter Editor: Victoria Tilney McDonough

About BrainLine Military
BrainLine Military is a service of WETA, the flagship public television and radio station in the nation's capital. The TBI and PTSD section of is funded by a grant from the Newman's Own Foundation.


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