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Project Overview

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a blow or jolt to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts the function of the brain. Each year there are a reported 1.7 million civilian brain injuries in the United States. In the military between 2000 and the first quarter of 2012, more than 244,000 service members sustained a TBI. Brain injury, caused largely by improvised explosive devices (IEDs,) has become the signature wound of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most brain injuries are mild and most people recover in a matter of weeks. provides military-specific information and resources on traumatic brain injury to veterans, service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Reserve, and their families. Through video, webcasts, articles, personal stories, research briefs, and current news, those whose lives have been affected by TBI can learn more about brain injury symptoms and treatment, rehabilitation, and family issues associated with TBI care and recovery.

Through, we seek to provide a sense of community, a place where people who care about TBI can go 24 hours a day for information, support, and ideas. is part of, a national multimedia project offering information and resources about preventing, treating, and living with TBI. For more information about, click here. Expert Panel

The expert panel provides guidance to the site by suggesting and reviewing content. They help make sure we're up to date on the latest and most pertinent military-related information and resources about traumatic brain injury. Click here to learn more about our expert panel.


BrainLine Military works closely with many outstanding organizations to promote education and awareness about brain injury. Here is a list of our current partners.

WETA, is a service of WETA, the public TV and radio station in Washington, DC. WETA is the third-largest producing station for PBS. WETA's productions and co-productions include The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Washington Week with Gwen Ifill and National Journal, and documentaries by filmmaker Ken Burns, including, most recently, The War.

Over the last decade, the Learning Media group at WETA has created and sustained five award-winning national services focused on education and health issues:, LD OnLine, Reading Rockets, Colorin Colorado, and With funding from the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, WETA also produced the public TV series Exploring Your Brain and co-produced three documentaries for the public radio series Gray Matters. In recognition of that work, we received the James and Sarah Brady Recognition Award for Public Service from the Brain Injury Association of America.


Noel Gunther, Executive Director
Christian Lindstrom, Director, Learning Media
Elaine Phillips, MSP, CCC/SLP, Research Consultant, BrainLine
Kelly Deckert, Associate Manager, Online Media

Noel Gunther, Executive Director

Noel Gunther has broad experience in radio, television, print, and the Internet. He has co-written and co-produced award-winning documentaries for NPR and Public Radio International, including: Good Morning Vietnam with Adrian Cronauer (Gold Award, International Radio Festival of New York); American Voices: Norman Corwin with Charles Kuralt (Grand Award, Best Documentary, International Radio Festival of New York); Gray Matters: Depression with Mike Wallace (Gold Award, International Radio Festival of New York); and Drugs, Alcohol and the Brain with Pat Summerall (Gold Cindy Award, best documentary).

For television, Gunther's work includes the PBS documentary A Tale of Two Schools, narrated by Morgan Freeman (Cine Special Jury Prize), and the five-part public TV series Exploring Your Brain (Gold Cindy Award). For the Internet, Gunther developed and now oversees four national sites:,,, and LD, which since 1996 has been the world's leading website in the field of learning disabilities. Gunther is co-author of Beyond Boardwalk and Park Place (Bantam Books), which was named by the New York Public Library as one of the best young adult books of the year. He has also written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Village Voice, Washingtonian, American Journalism Review, and many other publications. He is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School.

Christian Lindstrom, Director, Learning Media

Christian Lindstrom's work for WETA Learning Media includes producing award-winning television programs, websites, and print materials about reading, learning disabilities, mental health, and brain science. She worked to launch Learning Media's first website, LD OnLine, in 1996; it has since become the world's leading site in the field of learning disabilities. She has been a key player in the production and launch of and, both Webby Award Honorees. She contributed to the Dana Foundation-funded television series Exploring Your Brain with Garrick Utley, which won an International Gold CINDY Award and a Time Inc Health FREDDIE Award. She co-produced, wrote, and directed the PBS show A Tale of Two Schools, narrated by Morgan Freeman, which won the Unity Award in Media, a CINE Golden Eagle Award, and a CINE Special Jury Prize. She also wrote and produced several episodes of the PBS series Launching Young Readers, including Reading Rocks!, a special for children with reading difficulties (Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award); Reading and the Brain, with Henry Winkler (Time Inc Health FREDDIE Award, Silver World Medal at the International Film and Video Competition of New York); Empowering Parents, with Al Roker (CINE Golden Eagle Award, International Reading Association Broadcast Media Award for Television, Telly Awards Bronze Medal Winner); and Becoming Bilingual, with Rita Moreno (CINE Golden Eagle Award, Telly Awards Bronze Medal Winner)

Elaine Phillips, MSP, CCC/SLP, Research Consultant

Elaine Phillips provides research guidance for BrainLine. She has 16 years of experience in the field of traumatic brain injury, both as a speech-language pathologist as well as managing an outpatient rehabilitation program in Greenville, S.C. In addition, she is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist-Trainer and currently serves on the Executive Board of the Brain Injury Alliance of South Carolina.

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